Much investments and efforts have been put in to ensure that KENDO ducks are always better and safer for consumption. Every single process from the slaughtering, de-feathering and waxing to the final weighing and grading is scrutinised to ensure that each adheres to uncompromising health and hygiene standard. Every procedure has a stringent standard by which all our workers comply. Of special concern to us is the de-feathering process. We spare no effort and expense to ensure that the de-feathering of our ducks is done in the safest way possible by using only approved, food-grade wax specially imported from Europe.

Our slaughtering and processing of live ducks have been certified by AVA. We are proud to be the first and only fresh duck supplier currently in Singapore to use a safe, food-grade wax in de-feathering our ducks so as to give duck lovers that extra peace of mind. We have also been consecutively awarded Certificates of Commendation since 2010 for achieving Grade ‘A’ status for excellence in food hygiene, sanitation and processing. In addition, we are also ISO-certified in having a Quality Management System for the slaughtering and processing of live ducks.


Unethical duck supplier uses industrial gum rosin to wax and
de-feather ducks in China

News Alert! Unlicensed food supplier uses toxic industrial gum rosin for
de-feathering process