Q. What is so special about KENDO ducks?
We use only food-grade wax, specially imported from Europe, to de-feather our ducks because we believe in food safety. We are committed to supplying ducks that are good and safe for consumption.

Q. Why is using food-grade wax so important?
Because only food-grade wax has been approved for use on food and is therefore safe for consumption. Anything not of a food-grade quality has not been certified safe.

Q. What do other suppliers use?
Industrial gum rosin is commonly used to remove the feathers of ducks. Industrial gum rosin is toxic.

Q. How can we tell the difference between ducks waxed with industrial gum rosin and food-grade wax?
Ducks emerging from industrial gum rosin look black while ducks using food-grade wax look pale yellow. (See photos)

Q. How can I protect myself and my family?
Look out for the KENDO brand. Because we are the only supplier to use safe, food-grade wax on ducks in Singapore.